Welcome to the web-home of the Shire of Flintmarsh, a local chapter of an international organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). It is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century European history. Members learn from “hands on” participation and often then conduct classes and/or demonstrations where they teach others what they have learned.

The Known World of the Society consists of nineteen kingdoms worldwide. Our Kingdoms are organized into Principalities, Baronies, Shires, Cantons and Colleges. The Shire of Flintmarsh is a part of the Kingdom of Meridies, which encompasses most of the Southeastern United States. Our shire includes the areas between Ozark, Alabama; Westville, Florida; and Bainbridge, Georgia. (Map coming soon)

Please visit us at The Sable Boar Inn, our friends and family page on Facebook for information about our doings.


This website is currently under construction! Please be patient as we get things rolling again! For any questions or inquiries please email the webministers at chrisbailey_dot@yahoo.com or angharadvdafydd@hotmail.com directly until we get everything set up!







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