Meet Our Officers!!

 o-cianan badge-seneschal

Seneschal: Lord Cianán Carmichael

The Seneschal is the Chapter President for the shire, directing its activities and representing it to the Kingdom.

  badge-heraldHerald:  Lady Corina de Molinas

The Herald assists the populace in selecting names and devices (coats-of-arms) and provides heraldic services to the shire’s events.

 Angharad verch Dafydd badge-asministerArts and Sciences:  The Honorable Lady Angharad verch Dafydd

The Arts and Sciences officer provides opportunities to educate the populace on a variety of topics from the Middle Ages.

 o-katharina badge-exchequerExchequer:  The Honorable Lady Katharina Von Rabensburg

The Exchequer or Reeve is the Chapter Treasurer and manages the shire finances.



Knight Marshal:   Charlie Duran

The Knight Marshal officiates combat activities for the shire.


Rapier Marshal:  Lord Matthew MacTyre

The Rapier Marshal officiates rapier activities for the shire.

Live Weapons:  Lady Joselyn of Flintmarsh
The Live Weapons marshal oversees the layout of the thrown weapons and archery courses.

 o-cigan badge-chroniclerChronicler:  Lady Cigan Oszinte

The Chronicler produces the newsletter for the local shire.


badge-hospitalerChatelaine:  Lady Cigan Oszinte

The Chatelaine is the newcomer’s officer for the shire.


The Minister of Children: Open

The Minister of Children coordinates and oversees children’s activities for the shire.


  Webminister / Social Media:  Lord Cianán Carmichael

Web Deputy – Webpage and Calendar – THL Angharad verch Dafydd

Web Deputy – Facebook – Lady Corina de Molinas

The Webminister and Deputies coordinate and maintain the web presences for the shire. 






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